April 12, 2009

I'm Back!

Update: I haven't croaked and neither has Don. We haven't so much as had a cold to use as an excuse for not updating my blog. But since the last time I wrote an entry I have started holding auctions on e-Bay---ten a week---which has totally messed up our house. We've got the 'photo booth' area, the 'packing area' and of course the what-the-hell-did-we-buy-that-for?' area. Our 'Salvation Army' area is growing. Ever so slowly. Okay, I confess it's hard for me to give things away.

Before Don's stroke we had just nicely gotten started selling stuff on e-Bay. We had booths in several antique malls and we were vendors a 3-4 summer swap meets each summer. E-Bay was supposed to be part of the retirement plan, along with the booths and vending. When we downsized after the stroke, I kept all the small, "mailable" stuff but the stroke and all that involves got in the way of the fulfilling Plan B. So here we are almost nine years later and the reality set it i.e. I have to get rid of this stuff!

Life does go and we do have something else new in our lives. We had a little patio built at the front of our house. It will be great for Don to have a place sit and watch the neighborhood come alive on those hot summer nights when everyone is out walking, jogging and dog walking. It's small but the impact on Don's life will be big.

Sorry I worried a few of my readers with my absence on the web. I'll try not to let so much time go between updates.