September 14, 2014

Welcome to The Planet Aphasia!

The posts added to this blog in 2014 are out of order from those posted in earlier years. They were transferred here from a now-defunct site because I wanted to preserve the documentation of my husband's and my funnier experiences in the world of dealing with his aphasia, apraxia and agraphia. The rest of the blog is still a documentation of our lives in the post-stroke years but they were written diary style, as things were happening and those posts are a mixture of what you'd expect with a couple dealing with the loss of language---the ups and downs, the rants, heartbreaks, triumphs, humor, and sadiness. My husband has since passed away after living with severe language disorders and right-side paralysis for twelve years. He was an amazing man, the way he played the hand that was dealt him. I learned a lot over those twelve years and I shared it all here in this blog.....

If you want to start at the beginning of our journey and work your way forward, the first post I wrote for this blog can be found here: Sight-Day at the Disability Deer Hunting Camp

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