October 20, 2007

Update From the Disability Deer Hunting Event

QUICK UPDATE: Don is out in the woods taking part in the disability deer hunt as I type and I just got a call from his guide---don't you love this modern age of communication? They were on their way to the deer camp to get some lunch after being in the blind since dawn. He said Don saw ten deer but every time they'd get Don and his wheelchair set up to shoot out one window of the blind, the deer would wander to the other side. So they'd move Don over to the other window and the deer would move again. They were having fun.

I really like the volunteers that he's hunting with. This morning when one of them picked Don up---he's actually a great-nephew, the son of his last year's guide/volunteer---Don wanted to give him the tour of his garage. I told Don he could do it later because they had to get moving. Then our great-nephew joked, "This isn't old time hunting, we have a schedule to keep." And they did. They had to meet a bunch of other the hunters and guides in a parking lot for coffee and donuts.

The photo is of all the stuff I packed and had ready for Don's day trip. There were 37 things on my check list to pack! Wheelchair bound hunters don't travel light.

I'll update again later, if I get another report, or on Sunday if I don't get another. I'm meeting them all at the deer camp at 7:00 for the dinner, camp fire and blue grass band.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're having a good time! As well as Don! Enjoy yourself! Make use of your time alone! xoxoxo Kathy

the aphasia decoder.... said...

Thank you for the comment, Kathy. Oh, I did have a good time today. I'm on a high right now, having seen how happy my husband and his guides were when they came in from hunting. It was a nice break from caregiving for me, too. I even bought myself a dozen roses. LOL