March 15, 2008

Fess Up, Anyone for Gluttony or Greed?

Lest you think I never write anything except stroke and speech related stuff, I'm going to share a tongue-in-cheek look at two of the Seven Deadly Sins that I wrote for Associated Content. Yes, it's slightly irreverent but what else would you expect from a senior citizen with too much time on her hands?

But if you really want to read something stroke related, Cooper (our dog) blogged about Don's stroke in his entry titled, Daddy's Little Service Dog. Click here.


I've already written about lust in the first of this four part series, so I might as well tackle the other two of the Seven Deadly Sins that fall in the category of excessive love of earthly pleasures: Greed and Gluttony. If Dante could lump the sins of lust, greed and gluttony together in 'Purgatorio' I can, too. After all, without Dante to rank the sins would we even have---on second thought, let's not go there! I don't want the natives to get restless here.

We all know something about greed. Or we think it's about amassing money or worldly goods and hoarding it all for ourselves. Literally speaking this is true, I guess, but how much is too much? Who decides when we've got enough Ding Dongs and dollars in our cupboards to ward off future catastrophic events? Greed, as in one of the Seven Deadly Sins, only makes sense when we hold it up against The Virtue in which that sin offends. Here, that virtue is Generosity.

Okay, so sharing is good. I think I read that in a book titled, 'All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.' So in theory if we share our Ding Dongs with the cat and..... Click here to read the entire article.



FLOOG said...

An exceptionally well written article whic raises some valid points.

I am most definitely guilty of judging people on face value sometimes, but that's possibly because I'm frustrated at the state of the human race right now.

Jack Payne said...

What's the old saw about aspiring to sloth, greed, and gluttony? I wonder at what percentage of the population really feels this way.