September 11, 2008

Life Goes On......

Life hasn't changed much for us this summer. Don is still happy and singing the words "Jesus loves me" and "boom, boom, boom" over and over again each morning and sometimes in the afternoons. Recently I told him if we were sharing a room in a nursing home I'd ask for a room change. He laughed and for the next hour he sang the scales using just the syllable "la, la, la, la, la, la, la." He wants to talk. He can't, so he sings. So I use my ear plugs to keep my sense of humor from falling out of my head and to keep his happy tunes from getting in.

It seems a little weird not to be in back-to-school mode i.e. for Don to be starting speech therapy classes now that the colleges are in session again. We could actually go back to group class but with Don's hearing loss making it so hard for him to know what is going on in large, noisy rooms it would be a waste of time. And individual classes are not available to him anymore. He's not unhappy about it, though. Every time we go past the college Don hums the "Pomp and Circumstance" graduation song with much gusto and volume in his voice.

I've been very active on the political sites the last few months---like a crazed lady debating other crazed people out there in cyberspace. Don and I used to enjoy the political back and forth each election year but now it's just me venting to him and him agreeing with me. I tell him what the buzz is in cyberspace and he seems to enjoy living vicariously through me as I have all the fun. If I'm especially upset over something or on an extra high, so is he. It's kind of nice having this tiny connection with the past and how we used to like to talk politics late into the night.

We're lucky that we've been able to get out every other day all summer. The local Starbucks people know us as Mr. and Mrs. Caramel Macchiato, Decaf Coffee Tall. Even the puppy gets to go there and get a tiny cup of whip cream. He keeps his blog up better than I am keeping this one up. If you ever wonder what happened to us, check the dog link in the right hand column and he's sure to have something to say about life on the Planet Aphasia. ©



Anonymous said...


It was so great to see your update after long time though Levi is doing bettr job in blogging. I was wondering what plitical sites you are visiting & what do you think of sarah palin. I feel Mccain selected her just to get those independent voters & votr from women who are stupid enough to fall for complete different stand than what Hillary stands for.


Rehab Mom said...

This is a great blog. I have learned so much and really enjoyed reading your posts. I have been lurking on your blog for a while now and never left a comment so I thought I would just say thank you!