January 24, 2008

Lost at Yahoo Questions and Answers

It's embarrassing that it's taken me so long to update this blog. I have but one excuse. I've become seriously addicted to answering questions at Yahoo. Oh, yes, it's like eating pop corn in a movie theater---so hard to stop the mindless action! No matter how fast you can type, it's humanly impossible to keep up with the endless and daunting flow of questions on everything from politics to relationships to disabilities to you name it. In a short period of time I've racked up 7,146 points and replied to 1,604 questions. It's like playing the slots, hoping your answers will get picked for the extra ten points as THEE best. My time on the computer goes so fast at Yahoo. But all good things---and I use that term lightly here---must come to an end. Or in other words, I've decided it's time that I get back my pre-Yahoo life where I spend my computer differently, where I'm not so entranced staring at the monitor that I don't even want to get up to go to the bathroom. Help! Is there a ten step program for people hooked on Yahoo Questions and Answers?

When Don came home from the hospital (after his aorta aneurysm surgery) he bounced back fairly fast. He's had his post-opt CAT scan and blood work done and all looks well. We still need to get him started back up with his exercise program. He's lost most---but not all---of the improvements he'd gained through the aquatic pool and land therapy this fall. Thankfully, though, we did that work to build up his core body strength before the surgery. Without it he would have had a much harder time in the hospital.

I've slowed down since the surgery. I guess those crazy-busy months we've had beforehand finally caught up with me. I'm worn out but slowly rejuvenating, coming out of my fog. If the temperature outside would just get warmer, that would help. I'm so tired of being cold. But that's another story and I've been bitching long enough. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm back and I plan to stay. In a few days I'll have some exciting news to share. Come back then and I'll tell you all about it.…..©



Anonymous said...

I've been checking your blog daily. Glad to see you've been having fun and all is well. I was beginning to get a little worried. xoxo Kathy

Anonymous said...

The cold is the worst. Get ofa da yahooe and on to the real life. It's a coin toss which is better, but I can assure you which is darealer and dehappier. Don't make me tell you about my Grandpa.