January 29, 2008

The People's Media Awards for 2007

Last February I submitted an article for publication at Associated Content, an on-line media site with over 100,000 registered members (include 23,000 published content producers) and nearly a million site clicks each day. It was about my husband's massive stroke and how it affected our lives. I just learned that it won a $1,000 People's Media Award for being one of the best text articles submitted for 2007. This is a prestigious and coveted award from a site that publishes literally thousands upon thousands of articles. This year alone they gave out $10,000 in prize money split between the nine of us winners. I'm very proud that I could write an article about my husband's stroke and have it so well received. Having the topic of a stroke showcased in this way can, hopefully, help give the general population a better understanding of how a stroke turn lives upside down. And that is good for all of us in the stroke community.

In the right hand column, see the 'PMA Awards' section for links to my winning article, How my Husband's Stroke Changed my Life and to my acceptance speech, What It's Like to Win One of the People's Media Awards at Associated Content. The third link is to the announcement article that includes a list of all nine of the winners in the 2007 awards. ©

Jean Riva


jcorn said...

Everyone reading this should go over and read this author's work. She is one of the best writers out there today. Discover her before everyone else does and she is too busy signing books to keep writing :)
For now, you have the chance to have the free gift of her words. Don't pass that up.

Anonymous said...

You won something? Why didn't you tell me?

the aphasia decoder.... said...

I wanted to tell you first, Randy, but I was afraid they'd take it away from me if I did. :)