December 23, 2008

100 Things About Me

I was surfing the net one day, looking at blogs from around the world and I ran into a cool idea. A blogger who calls herself the Tequila Mockingbird said it’s common in blog communities for each blogger to make a list titled, 100 Things About Me. So, me being hooked on blogging, I decided to give this a try. Here’s my results….

  1. My hair is naturally curly.
  2. In my entire life, I’ve only lived a couple of months without a dog in the house.
  3. ‘Hate’ is not a strong enough word for the way I feel about the color orange.
  4. I practically live in sweats and jogging clothes.
  5. I’ve never gone jogging.
  6. My favorite male movie stars are: Brad Pitt, Toby McGuire, Robert Redford and Tom Cruise.
  7. If I could have three wishes come true, one would be to have my dad back again.
  8. I detest watching sports on TV or at sports events.
  9. I love movies about sports and sports figures---Babe Ruth, Tin Cup, etc.
  10. I still have many of my childhood toys.
  11. I'm a recovering pack rat who is very good at organizing.
  12. My favorite hot house flowers are gardenias and roses.
  13. I’ve never had a baby.
  14. I like dark semi-sweet chocolate much better than milk chocolate.
  15. Currently, my favorite flowers grown outside are sweet peas and sunflowers.
  16. I totally don’t understand why people get face lifts.
  17. I’m left handed.
  18. I’ve only changed a tire on a car three times in my life.
  19. I’m fascinated with bungee cords. I say, “Bungee cords are my life” to my husband all the time, but I have no idea what that means.
  20. I over-eat when I’m stressed.
  21. I used to have a lot of contact with published authors.
  22. One of the authors named a fictional character in my honor; another mentioned me in a dedication.
  23. I’m dyslexia.
  24. I detest the smell, sight, taste and texture of liver.
  25. I’ve had pen pals in my life since I was a kid.
  26. I’ve lived alone for 42 years of my life (except for a dog).
  27. It’s a rare day that I enjoy driving.
  28. My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate.
  29. For 18 years, I did commercial snow plowing in the winters.
  30. My favorite public personality is Oprah.
  31. Phil Donahue used to be my favorite personality before Oprah.
  32. I don’t have a favorite, FAVORITE song---just lots of them I love a lot.
  33. I rarely wear jewelry, not even my wedding rings.
  34. Silver is my favorite of the precious metals.
  35. I collect Cracker Jack plastic toys.
  36. I like to knit and sew, but I don’t do it much anymore.
  37. I have more collections/hobbies than I could name on my fingers.
  38. I follow the rules of life.
  39. If I could have three wishes granted, one of them would be to a famous artist.
  40. My eyes are brown.
  41. I love the oil paintings of John Singer Sargent.
  42. I made all my own clothes in my teens and well into my twenties.
  43. Traveling overseas has never, ever held any appeal to me.
  44. If they could bring Paris over here, I’d be the first one in line to see it.
  45. My computer desk is really messy and unorganized.
  46. I ‘m a very well adjusted person.
  47. I’d rather write a letter than make a phone call.
  48. For over a decade I edited a readers’ forum where I also wrote book reviews.
  49. I love Friends, Frasier and Seinfeld reruns.
  50. I finished college exactly 25 years after I started.
  51. My favorite fruits are peaches, strawberries, and bananas.
  52. I do many things well but few, if any, things really great.
  53. I detest fake fingernails on other women.
  54. On my desk is a Ziggy cartoon that says, “Your past failures will always overtake you if you STOP chasing after your future success!”
  55. I’m a sweetaholic.
  56. I still have contact with my best friend through grade school and high school---she lives far away now.
  57. Sleeping on jersey knit sheets is my preference over other fabric choices in sheets.
  58. I’m pro-choice.
  59. I like the color gray for neutrals in a house and for exteriors.
  60. When I was a kid, I wouldn’t eat orange vegetables and often had to sit at the dinner table for hours until either me or my mom would break.
  61. I was over forty before I would eat squash willingly and now I love it.
  62. I can’t spell very well without my electronic dictionary.
  63. I could happily live in bathrobes all day long if ‘custom’ would let me.
  64. My older brother is my only sibling.
  65. I was a bridal consultant in the floral industry for twenty years.
  66. For ten of those years I had my own business.
  67. For several summers I worked part time filling pot holes in parking lots.
  68. I don’t like tattoos on women.
  69. My husband and I used to have booths in three antique malls.
  70. I like milk.
  71. If I could have three wishes come true, one would be to have new knees without going through the pain of surgery.
  72. I was a ‘take-classes’ junkie for most of my life.
  73. A portrait of one of my ancestor’s is hanging in a national art museum and although thirteen generations separates her from my mom, they looked like sisters. (See photo above.)
  74. My husband knows all my secrets and dreams.
  75. I love anything that smells like peaches---hand creams, shampoos, soaps, etc.
  76. I’m a democrat and a liberal.
  77. I’ve only had one beer in my entire life.
  78. I could eat or drink anything if it had crème de’ mint in it or over it.
  79. My belly button is an ‘inny.’
  80. I’ve made wedding flowers for literally thousands of weddings, but I didn’t have any at my own.
  81. I’ve own one of my house plants for 46 years.
  82. Vanilla bean frappuccionos and carmel macchiatos are my favorite drinks at Starbucks.
  83. I’ve only moved twice in my life and both times were within the last seven years.
  84. Growing up, red was my favorite color to wear.
  85. Now, purple is my favorite color to wear.
  86. I have a lot of allergies and have had chronic hives many times in my life.
  87. I would hate going back to a world without microwave ovens.
  88. I admire and appreciate good cooks, but I have no interest in being one.
  89. I once slept overnight on a cemetery plot.
  90. My tastes in music cover a wide range from Big Band era stuff to World Beat.
  91. On one side of my family my ancestors go back to the Mayflower.
  92. On the other side of my family, my ancestors were part of the great Ellis Island immigration era.
  93. I’m half English descent and half Italian descent.
  94. I’m glad I flew when I was young because I’d be scared to do it today.
  95. I’ve never bleached or dyed my hair or had a permanent.
  96. Before my husband’s stroke I was in a library once or twice a week, now I’m lucky to get there once every six months.
  97. I carry two credit cards in my wallet but I rarely used them.
  98. I hate reptiles.
  99. The best gift I ever got was at thirteen when my dad told my mom I didn’t have to eat orange vegetables anymore.
  100. It took me two days to come up with this list…making one is harder than it looks!


One Mom said...

Nice getting to know you better didn't mention aphasia once :)

BTW re: #61 What is squaw and how do you eat it?

Merry Christmas!

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

One Mom,

I meant to write squash. LOL Thanks for the correction and my laugh for the day.


The Bee Folks - Lori Titus said...


That was quite a list! You have done quite a bit in your life! I've had this mental picture of you for some time now, reading your blog, and everything you wrote just enhanced it!