December 19, 2007

Exciting News

I just found out that one of my aphasia caregiver articles has been nominated for the Best Text Article of 2007 on Associated Content! It's caregiver humor piece and I really needed this exciting news right now. The site publishes thousands of articles and I don't know how much of a chance I have of winning, but it doesn't matter. The nomination feels great, especially now. If you want to read it you can find it by looking in the right hand column (under 'Have you Read...'). Look for, The Shower Stall Mystery.


The Bee Folks - Lori Titus said...

Good luck! Is there a place for us to vote, or something?

I feel lucky that I don't have to work with the physical disabilities like so many have to. On the other hand, I am extremely envious that your husband is also able to retain a sense of humor!

the aphasia decoder.... said...

Thank you, Lori. No, the contest winner isn't picked by readers.

I know what you mean about Don's humor. It takes a lot to get him down.