December 21, 2007


Don was on the operating table for four hours, in recovery for two and in ICU for four hours after that. He came through the aorta aneurysm repair very well, with no complications, and when I left the hospital tonight he seemed to be back to his old personality. He'll be in the hospital at least until Monday morning which is a couple of extra days more than they usually keep people when they do the stent through the groin. But he has so many stroke related issues plus the heart A-fib that the surgeon wants to be careful he doesn't fall and undo his work. Plus his INR blood work has to check out okay for them to release him, which it doesn't right now.

After it was over the surgeon told us that the aneurysm started just under the heart and went all the way down the stomach and into each leg. We were shocked to hear that. I was visualizing a ping pong shaped thing, not something the shape of a football and that long. I commented to the doctor that "I don't know how you guys have the guts to do stuff like that" and he answered back, "I was up at four this morning wondering the same thing." I'm glad I was blissfully ignorant about the size of that thing going into the surgery. I was nervous enough thinking it was smaller.

Thanks to everyone who sent their prayers and good thoughts our way. I've been up since three with very little sleep before that so I'm off to bed.


Anonymous said...

What great news!

The Bee Folks - Lori Titus said...

Wouldn't you have been worried if you had known that the surgeon had been up at 4AM, and not getting some sleep before the surgery?

Great news! That sounds like it was tricky, but I'm glad he came through with flying colors!