December 1, 2007

Quick Update

We've had our lives on hold waiting for Don's aorta aneurysm surgery date. The hold up has been that the cardiologist was out of town over Thanksgiving and wasn't available to give clearance for the surgery. Once back, he ordered some tests that are scheduled for the 10th so we know that Don will not get on the surgical schedule before those are read. It's looking more and more like Don will be in the hospital uncomfortably close to Christmas. I hate the waiting around! I hate the fact that while we've been waiting winter has set in! I hate the fact that the new hospital is on the other end of town and I'm scared to drive that far in the winter! I can't wait until this is over.

We also got the notice that Don will not be asked back to individual speech therapy next semester at the college where he's been going the past 6 1/2 years. We sort of knew it anyway but now it's official. Their explanation was that they only have ten students in the program next semester and a long waiting list of potential clients and they want to give people who've had more recent strokes a chance to go through the program. Don doesn't seem depressed about it but he's not happy about it either. Understandably. They've helped him a lot. He's had a good and productive ride and I'm grateful for that.



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you finally blogged again. I've been checking daily. So any ideas on what you'll do with your free time this coming semester?

The Bee Folks - Lori Titus said...

I'm sorry to hear that he has been dropped from speech therapy - I'm waiting for that word for my husband, too.

One thing that really seems to have helped Dave is to force him into an environment where he had to talk to people....His speech is not perfect, but is definately better, and his stamina (his ability to talk for longer periods of time) has definitely increased.

Maybe you can help your hubby find a volunteer job somewhere, even at church or something.

the aphasia decoder.... said...

Pam, I'm planning to get Don involved either at the senior center or the YMCA. And I'll have more time for posting on the site I've recently become so addicted to. LOL

Lori, Don is a very social person and would love volunteering but his speech doesn't come fast enough to do anything like that, and he doesn't talk in sentences. That's the apraxia combined with the aphasia. The words he does say (mostly nouns) are as clear as a bell.

Anonymous said...


I was so happy to see your update on Don's surgery, I was about to send you IM before decided to check here and was so relieved & happy, atleast now waiting is over, best of luck for surgery,driving in winter and everything, you both will be in my prayers, sorry to hear about speech therapy maybe it's time to work on Don's PT after his surgery.